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Making a 2 strand necklace the karigar way

  • By Madhavi
  • •  Jan 09, 2020

Our first session of the Making jewellery with the Karigars was launched today and had a good response!

We had the various sections of the jewellery being created throughout the day since each of the section needed special attention. The jewellery being created is a short 16 inches necklace in the ethnic style. It has 2 strands of beads but they become 1 strand around the Kundan dangles. This necklace can be created with small beads of size 2mm-3mm since it is very close to the neck and has multiple strands.

Creating this beautiful short necklace was divided into 4 sections:

  • Making the needles with zari spring to string the small beads. ( a replacement to the size 12 beading needles)

  • Stringing the 2 strands of the necklace simultaneously to balance the bead count and stringing the common pearl beads together on both threads along with the Kundan dangles

  • Making the loreal beads and adding them to the Kundan dangles

  • Finishing the necklace created with the nylon threads with a clasp and a back chain (This step is common for all the nylon thread necklaces)

You can watch the videos of the karigars creating this necklace in the next section.

And the last part of finishing the necklace is available in the nylon threads necklace finishing post. Hope you all enjoyed watching these videos and got to learn something new from the Indian Jewellery Karigars.

Do share your thoughts and questions. Until next time...

Create your best,


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