C 54-55, EPIP, Shastripuram 282007 Agra IN
C 54-55, EPIP, Shastripuram Agra, IN
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Navratna Pendants

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Navratna stands for nine gem stones, top quality and flawless ruby is the gem for the sun, natural pearl for the moon, red coral for Mars, emareld for mercury, yellow saphhire for jupiter, diamond for venus, blue saphhire for Saturn, hessonite for rahu(ascending lunar node) , cat's eye for ketu(descending lunar node).
Navratna jewellery is said to be worn for overall prosperity in life, according to astrology one's life is governed and influenced by the position and placement of these 9 planets, so to keep harmony and balance with all navratna jewellery is given priority.

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