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Jewellery Reseller Program

    Beadsnfashion Wholesale Jewellery Reseller Program gives you the great opportunity to sell our branded Jewellery and earn on every sale. We have more than thousands of designs. You can grab this opportunity of Jewellery Reselling and offer a broad range of products that engage various consumers. Artificial Jewellery is an exclusive earning opportunity where you are in a business of yourself, but not by yourself. We are standing with you to support every step of the way.

    Beadsnfashion is India's largest online platform and not just to buy Jewellery but to understand and live it like you've owned that piece since forever. We have been in the Wholesale Jewellery business for over 2 Decades, providing manufacturing and Exporting services in more than 20 countries. We also keep contacts and knowledge of various stakeholders in our business, designers, karigars, wholesalers, wholesale markets and the End consumer buying the Fashion Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery

    Benefits of Jewellery Reselling Program

    When you join the Beadsnfashion Jewellery Reselling Program. You will become your own boss and it gives you the flexibility to work at any time and anywhere. This program does not offer you any target or deadlines. You’ll be able to ascertain your family and work time. You can earn money in any circumstances no matter what’s going on outside. Especially in a pandemic situation, you can earn safely without any trouble. This business and your future depend on you. You can take charge and we’ll help you to earn money by Jewellery Reselling Program

    How to begin a Beadsnfashion Reseller Program.

    • Simply open your customer account with Beadsnfashion.
    • Add Rs 1000/- as advance payment in your wallet.
    • Rs 1100/- will be added to your wallet [ 10 % Extra for New accounts].
    • Your account ID will be shifted to exclusive ReSeller category
    • Whenever you LOGIN you would get 30 % OFF on all Jewelleries.
    • Shipping charges Flat Rs 60/- per order irrespective of Order Value, all over India.

    More Advantages to working with Beadsnfashion Reseller Program

    • You’ll get LIVE stock updates, you don't have to confirm availability.
    • You’d get the tracking details of your all orders via SMS / E-mail.
    • You can place a normal order with your account and give the delivery address of the customer and we can directly deliver products to customers.
    • Even if the customer comes to know that this product is from Beadsnfashion.com, they will always see the original price of the product.
    • In case you want to take additional Discounts, you can recharge the wallet.

    To create a Jewellery Reselling Account Click Here. Feel free to ask any query on support@beadsnfashion.com.


    Wallet Recharge Discount Wallet Value



    • ₹2,000 -3%               [ ₹2,060]
    • ₹5,000 -5%               [ ₹5125]
    • ₹10,000 -7%             [ ₹10,700]
    • ₹20,000 -10%           [ ₹21,000]


    We will close the Jewellery reseller programme, Once we have 1000 resellers PAN India


    Beadsnfashion Jewellery Reseller program